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corsair.service.exe suddenly stops


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i need some help of you guys... my mousepointer/ keyboard etc keeps freezing from time to time, and as far i can see it comes down to user fan curves...

arrest me if im wrong... just downloaded and updated all sw / fw of what i have from corsair, and win10 and drivers are updated (manu own drivers) as til today (24.05)


I have made some (loooong) logs, both from icue and link4 ( if someone can see what, or if there`s something weird going on there...

My specs are updated except, fans( 3 x ml 140 pro, 5 x HD140) , CP, CL and H115i )


sensorlog: http://tiny.cc/c0066y

service error log: http://tiny.cc/s5066y

Service_Trace: http://tiny.cc/27066y

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Question for you - are you running any other monitoring tools?

wuups... my bad... forgot that part... the answer is. nope.. unless Asus AI suite is considered a monitoring sw... but hw and such... nope

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