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H100i RGB Platinum CPU FAN error and red LED


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Hi All,


I know this issue has been touched on before, however i couldn't find a specific solution relating to the RGB Platinum version.


So, I recently purchased all new parts to build a new PC, upon first start up, I receive the "CPU FAN" error. The CPU FAN is showing as N/A in the bios (ASUS TUF Z390M Pro Gaming Motherboard). The RGB lighting is working on both fans, however the pump lighting stays Red and doesn't alternate colours like the fans do. Is it possible to have a dead pump straight out of the box?


I have double checked all connections and am fairly confident everything is plugged in correctly. 3 Pin connector plugged into the CPU FAN slot etc. The bios shows the CPU temp around 25 deg c and slowly rises by a degree. I have let it reach 70 deg before I turned the computer off.


I don't want to try and install windows incase the temperature keeps rising.


I have read posts that say to set the CPU FAN to 100% or disable speed control in the BIOS but from my understanding this is for an older H100 version that doesn't have a SATA connection??


Any help would be appreciated.





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