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H60 slow fan speed


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Hi, I recently purchased a H60 cooler (2018 model) The fan is supposed to have a max rpm of 2000, however according to HWMonitor, it will not spin faster than 1600 rpm. I tried setting the fan speed to maximum in the bios, but still no joy. I have also tried attaching it to both the CPU header and the system fan header, but neither will spin past 1600 rpm.


My temps for my i7 4790k (stock speed) seem slightly higher than I have seen for others online. Im getting around 82c under 100% load, idle around 37c (room temp 23c)


My mobo is a Gigabyte H81M-S2PV with the latest bios


Could this be an issue with the fan, or is my mobo unable to spin the fan to the correct max speed?

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