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[URGENT] (Sabre mouse) ICUE can't find mouse when I move it

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I have had a problem with the ICUE program not seeing my mouse on start up for a long time. It was fixed by repairing the driver. (Temporarily, meaning I have to do it on most start ups)


However, recently I got a new glitch, making the mouse completely un-useable! Everytime I move the mouse or lift it up the ICUE program does not detect the mouse, until a few seconds later when it finds it again.


Restarting does not help, I did not do any damage to it (it happened all of a sudden), I have tried changing the USB ports (yes they all work fine) and the ICUE program is fully updated.


I don't know what to do as this is my only mouse, and it is purely a software problem. (I know this as it doesn't turn off or anything if the program is uninstalled)


Hope someone can help!

Thank you!


Edit: I fixed it by uninstalling ICUE and reinstalling it, I will keep this up for anyone else, or to post any updates if it comes back!


Edit 2: It keeps happening, although it is a lot shorter and a lot less often (In other words, it just stops for a second, the RGB lights turn to default and then back to my normal program), but it still happens!

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