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Commander pro and limit of devices plugged to it


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I wanted to email customer or tech support but I thought I'd try here first.


I'm looking to buy Commander Pro and use it as an internal fan hub and also as a way to connect USB2.0 headers to it, since my motherboard only has one. And then to control this via the Windows iCue software.


I've read of some failures that some people have had.. whether that has been user error, bad luck or something else I don't know. But I'm looking to avoid that situation if possible.. so I can plan everything out properly. And avoid any potential problems.


My motherboard is Asus Crosshair VI X370 for AM4. It only has one USB2.0 header. To plug in Commander Pro I will need 1 USB2.0 slot and 1 Sata3 slot. Is this correct?


I would like to plug in no RGB or light effects and leave that part empty.


I would like to plug in 5 Noctua Redux 140mm PWM fans. The model number is Noctua 140mm NF-P14S. Here are the specs..


Max - 1200 RPM

Min - 350 RPM

Max input power - 0.96W

Max input current - 0.08A

Voltage - 12V


Would it be safe, to use these 5 fans without overloading anything within the Commander Pro circuit?


Also I want to use both internal USB2.0 outputs. One for a PCI-E Wifi / Bluetooth card. The USB2.0 header is used for the Bluetooth. And the second USB2.0 output for the Fractal case inputs of USB2.0 devices. The devices plugged in would be things like cameras or phones. Or maybe under some rare situations, an external hard drive.


Would this controller be safe to use 5 fans + bluetooth PCIE card + 2 phones or cameras into one internal motherboard header, without any potential problems arising? Or instability etc? The power supply is HX750i, if that helps. If I wanted to use Link with the PSU (connecting USB to the PSU) I would like to run an external USB out of the back of the case, and use one of the external USB2.0 or USB3.0 ports. Does all of this sound ok?


Also.. is it possible to use a combination of 3 pin fans vs PWM fans, or is it best to use all PWM or all 3 pin fans?


In terms of mounting, is the tape provided safe for long term use (years at a time).. or would mounting it with screws or some type of bracket be a preferred option?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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