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Lost Everything when updating to iQue 3.x


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I've had my K95 since forever ago with all my gaming macros set up in iQue software. Everything worked great until, on April 19, 2019, I had the bright idea of upgrading.


I don't remember what version I had, but it was the original iQue from back when the RGB keyboards just came out. Probably version 1.x.


After upgrading, all my actions, profiles, lighting effects are gone. After poking around on the internet and finally getting a clue as to the location of the profiles, I discovered my old stuff in the HID directory buried in the AppData folder:






Now the question becomes, is there any way to convert them to the new v3.0 iQue software? There's no way I can redo all those macros :eek:

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That tends to be what happens when you skip several years of updates. ICUE (CUE 3) will not convert CUE1 files. If this is possible, your best bet would be to back up the App Data/Roaming/Corsair folder for CUE1, manually update to CUE 2.24.50 (last CUE 2), verify the macros are intact and back up that Roaming/Corsair folder, then try for iCUE. Each of these programs writes to that App Data folder, so you’ll need to protect your data at each stage.
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Thanks for the response. I tried downgrading the software with various 2.x versions and was unsuccessful. So I downgraded with the latest v1.16.42 and it worked! :D:


Now shows the following device details:

Software version: 1.16.42

Firmware version: 2.05

Bootloader version 0.11


The Settings->Program->Update button comes back with "You are running the latest version of the application."


I tried upgrading to various versions of version 2.x from version 1.16.42. Even the earliest version I can find will not transfer anything from version 1. So I guess I'm out of luck unless I want to recreate everything from scratch.


But at least I got my macros back. Thanks.

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