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Failed memory stick


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I have four sticks of corsair xms3200 memory, CL2. The mboard is ic7-max3. All of sudden system locks, and then beep beep beep. Turned off, on, same thing..... cut long story short, I started to take things off, and started with memory. I took all but one out, system boots fine, memtest good..... put another in, then another and find that with the third one, won't post again. Take it out, put fourth one in same socket that the third one won't boot in, and it works fine, put the fourth one back in, into another socket, and won't post. Obviously a failed stick.


Question is, what to do now? I can't contact my retailer, as I use many (shop for price of course), and can't find the particular receipt to find which one I bought from (sorry).


Cheers Greg

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