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UV Water Additive Safe in the Cool?


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OK, I've gotten the glow bug with some lighting and stuff on my ABIT AA8 Fatal1ty. It's running at 275x14/366mhz-DDR732. It will do dual instances of Prime95 for an hour THEN maintain that while running Sandra benches. So I want a Cool unit for peace and quiet and to see if I can go farther.


Question is will this stuff be safe with the Cool pump and internals: http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?productid=80&cat=55&page=1


If not, is there a suitable additive to get UV glow? And, would it be safe with the original HC200?

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After visiting the Tracerline Products Website, I found this information.




The MSDS sheets do not show any salts nor sugars related to this product. Therefore, this product can be used. :nodding:


Just add a few drops at a time, run the system for a few minuets, and check the color results. Too much dye will over react the result color intended. So, starting out with a little dye, you can work your way up to the needed color that's desired.


The Danger Den price seems reasonable too for this product.


I've know of a "noobo" who used regular store bought food coloring dyes. He nearly ruined his water-cooling unit and blocks. We had to flush the entire system with White-Vinegar. :bigeyes:



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