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Trying to start a support ticket. Getting an error. Makes it hard :)

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So, Im trying to start a ticket after having problems with my cooler not being picked up, RAM not following iCue, battery not being reported within iCue of my headset with a exclamation mark in iCue for some reason that's not explained that I can see, and the RGB mouse not having the "Visor" effect like advertising implied.

Im a nerd. I wanted to try and set the visor effect up like in Star Wars when something gets shot with a blaster and the electricity wraps around the edges like when R2D2 gets shot. Whatever, Im a nerd, thought it would look cool. So sue me. Apparently my mouse doesn't get the visor effect.

So I write up the ticket, and it says I need to put in a "product description" but there is no "product description" box, nor is "product description" mentioned on the page anywhere that I can see either. Nor somewhere where there is space for a product description. Please correct me if Im wrong? Maybe Im missing something?

There is a "Lot Code" spot available but it says it is optional so Im assuming its not that.

So yeah, how do I put in a ticket?

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