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H115i - Temperature issue. Heat buildning up


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H115i: 1 year old

In the last few days my system has had problems getting rid of the heat.


If I have used the computer for gaming or even just browsing I need to use max fan and pump speed to cool it down. So the “Balanced” profile in Corsair Link can’t lower the temperature, after I close a game etc.


I messed around with the fan and pump speed, and it seems like having the pump in “Quiet”-mode doesn’t really do anything for the temperature. Heat is slowly building up, which how I got worried since the fans were working harder than normal.


I don’t remember the temperatures from when I installed it, but I don’t recall heat building up and having to use max fan and pump speed to lower the temperature.


I have listed the temperatures below. They are not wild, but it is the failure to cool down after gaming that worries me, the “Balanced” profile used to be able to handle it.


No weird sounds and airflow in the case is fine GPU is never over 45C and idle is 35C.


So my questions are:

1: It this normal?

2: If not what do I check?


Thanks in advance.



Room: ~25C



Cooling profile: Balanced, Quiet pump

CPU package: ~45C

Coolant: ~38C



Load: 20-30%

Cooling profile: Max fan speed, Performance pump

CPU package: 60-70C

Coolant: ~43C and rising

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Contact Corsair through the Support Ticket System in the header above. You have a building flow restriction and need to replace it. You’ll need to upload a copy of the purchase invoice to establish the warranty start date. Try and do the Advance RMA if you can (credit card hold, they ship you the new one first, old one goes back later). You have to ask for this.
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Thanks for help.


Today I installed a new AIO and will send the old one back to the shop. I will have to wait and see what they say, but now my temperatures are much better using low fan and pump speed.


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