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Bad Memory?

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I ordered 2x pack of 512MB PC3200 ValueRAM from Mwave.com. I got them last night, and put them in my machine.


mobo: Gigabyte GA-7N400-L

existing memory: Infiteon PC3200 2x256MB


So I put it in and Windows won't finish booting. I load up memtest86+ 1.20 from a Knoppix boot disk, and run it for a while. It comes up with 4 errors, all at the same address 000553e3e4c or 1363.5MB.


I put just the new memory in, and windows again failed to boot. I did not try "last known good".


I put the old memory back in, and again Windows failed to boot. I went back to "Last Known Good" settings, and windows booted.


So where do I go from here? Is the new stuff definately bad? Should I try putting in the new memory again and try last known good again? Get an RMA?

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