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1 stick of TwinX1024-3200C2 of matched pair gone bad


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My computer spontaneously crashed while running mozilla. I tried to reboot and reset the bios without any success (wasn't too sure if it would help because all my settings are "stock"). I ended up pulling one of my new Corsair sticks out and finally my computer re-booted. This matched pair is < 1 month old! I'm surprised that it has failed so early (purchased 2/13/05).


PC specs.


1G Twinx1024-3200C2

IC7-G m/b

Intel P4 3Ghz

Western Digital 80 GB ATA100 H/D


Additionally, my computer is NOT overclocked.


Two main questions:


1) I want to return/exchange this pair - I tried calling the technical service and no one picked up;


2) I need at least one stick of RAM to run my PC and since these are matched pairs, how do I go about returning/exchanging these if only one is defective? Or do I just remove both sticks and send them? Please let me know so I can send these sticks out ASAP.




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CPU and Memory settings are both default:


P4 CPU 3GHz, FSB 800MHz, 1MB Cache

CPU speed 3000(200)

external clock speed CPU 200 / AGP 66 / PCI 33


Memory settings (Default):

CAS Latency time: 3

Act to precharge delay: 8

DRAM RAS# to CAS# delay: 3

DRAM RAS# precharge: 3

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ABit M/B IC7-G


I cannot test or alter the settings with the inoperative module because my computer will not even boot into the bios with it installed.


Computer constantly beeps with the defective module installed.

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