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My Corsair HD 120's dont work...

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This is probably the wrong thread and im sorry, i am new to this forum. I have a 3 pack of corsair hd 120's and here are the problems:


The provided led hub does not work. Only the 1st port works with either case fan.


None of the fans spin. They just shake in place.


The rgb lights on the fan just blink forever. They just blink and blink and the controller cant even change that.


Im not done with the build so please dont tell me what do in the corsair software.

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So you are using the push-button controller with the HD-120's? I'm assuming so.


Did you connect the LED cables to the fan hub in order (1-2-3-4)? They must be in order; no skipping allowed!


Did you plug the fan power control in as well? Each of the fans have 2 connections and both must be connected. One goes to the RGB Fan Hub, the other goes to the motherboard or fan controller.


Some photos of the installation would be helpful. Also, check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature.

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