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HS60 Microphone Barely Working After New Windows 10 Update


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Ever since the new windows update my hs60 headset has only detected my voice if I am extremely loud. I can still hear everything fine but the microphone won’t even pick up a sound unless i’m basically yelling. Any solutions?
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There is no solution because its a Windows Issue. This Issue exist since Windows 8. Microsoft knows the Issue but they are not fixing it.


This Issue is connected with Windows USB Standard Audiodriver and the USB Chip on your Motherboard.) It can even apply to Audio-Mixer or Audio-Interfaces, but these 2 have Gain Control and some of them have their own Drivers. The Mic of the Headset uses the Windows Standard Driver. As long as Corsair wont provide a custom Driver that adjust that.


It can apply to all USB Microphones. If you are lucky, your Mic is not affected.


The only 2 Fixes:


- buy a decent Microphone, the one from the HS is bad anyway.

- use Software (VST Host) and VST Plugins to increase Volume with an Expander or Compressor.


And the Headset is actually the HS50. HS60 is only due do the USB Dongle. Thats the only difference. Fun Fact: You cant use the Mic through USB without installing the Driver.


Dont expect a Solution/Fix from Corsair. I made 2 Threads (German, http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=185232) and nothing. They ignore the Problem.


My dedicated Microphone lost some Volume now as well. Might be caused by a Windows Update. Had Volume at 88 and was loud enough. Now its 88% and very quiet.

But i do use a an external Software Solution where i use VST Plugins.


When i used the HS Mic it was very quiet and even adding Volume Slider to 100% did not help. Corsair thinks that Mic Volume with -30 DB is fine. With -30 the Mic understeers a lot.

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