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LL120 FANS with Commander PRO MAX RPM ISSUE


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I just got my system 3 months ago, i was adding some RGB lighting since the system i order has single fan attached to radiator AIO liquid cooler.I bought a commander pro and a 3 pack of ll120's. the reason i got the com pro was because my MOTHER BOARD only has 4 PWM's for the fans, and 2 of them have being taken up by the cooler and fan. i connected the Corsair Com Pro to a free usb header and connected the 3 ll120 fans to the controller. when i run icue software the fans are running at full speed. i switch to quiet mode and it has no change. i cannot lower the speed on the fans. is it suppose be this loud and high rpms? also a more customizable option so i can lower the speed of the fans. i have attached some images of my motherboard and the setup. my apoligies for sounding like a newb, i havent had a gaming computer since medal of honor allied assault was out. let me know there is anything i can do as i dont want my fans to burn out at the speed they are going.




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