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Recommended RAM Settings for ABIT Av8


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I use the Corsair Twinx1024-XLPro RAM Modules in a dual-channel configuration. I have Problems with stability. I have no overclocked the systems but the Prime95 crash every 4-6 hours. the CPU is A64 3500+ Winchester. with standard vcore and the memory modules are configured by SPD with 2.8v.


I need the recommened manual Memory-Settings for this Memorys and MAinboard.



Thx !

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First update the mobo to 19 bios works well on my board ( AV8 3rd eye).

Then the following settings work fine by me when not overclocking

DRAM timing selectable : Manual

DRAM clock : DDR 400

DRAM command rate :1T

CAS latency time : 2

Ras to CAs : 2

Min Ras ... : 5

Ras precharge time : 2

Row cycle time : 10

Row refresh time : 13

Ras to Ras delay : 3

Write recovery time : 3

Write to read delay : 2

Read to write delay : 3


I have a stable OC on my NC core 3500cpu with my 3200XL ram at 10 multiplier with 240Mhz fsb at 2.5-3-3-6 timings 2T performs great but only after bios 16. Also when OC'ing and you would use Cool and quiet things go madly wrong I have that option disabled anyway.


GL mate let us know what gives.

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