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Dark core SE stopped working


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Hi guys ! That's my first post, so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong. And excuse my english, I'm French..


So, I bought the mouse on july 2018 on Amazon. Worked fine until 2 days ago.

I have my TV on my computer so I usually use the mouse wired when I'm playing on my monitor, and unwired when I want to watch Netflix on the TV.


A few days ago, I forgot to shut it up at night while unplugged. The next mornig, I couldn't wake it up, so I supposed the battery was empty. But even plugged, it didn't woke up. After a few on/off, it woke up, but I lost all my mouse profiles. When I pressed the profile button, my keybord switched, but not the mouse, so I did a reset of the mouse ( mouse off, turn it on while pressing back and next ). From that, impossible to change the colors of the LEDs, or change dpi via the dpi buttons. Also impossible to pair the wifi, even after switching the USB port of the donggle.


I uninstall/reinstall iCue, all firmware are up to date, and nothing. I don't know what try next.

So if anyone have a miracle solution for me, I'll take it.


Thanks in advance, and again, sorry for my english.

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Doing a hard reset will restore the default HW profiles.


With the help of my friend and forum member C-Attack, you have to power off the Core Dark RGB and make sure you're on the 2.4 wireless mode. After you're powered off, press and hold both forward and back buttons and leave them firmly pressed. While still holding the forward and back buttons, power the DCrgb. This will factory restore it along with all three HW profiles. Best of luck.


Sounds to me you reset the mouse w/o being in 2.4 mode. Try resetting it again, as above.

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You open a ticket and the rep will walk you through the RMA process.


yep that is correct. you could always try to firmware update it via iCue again as well. I have noticed with wireless mice from other makers in the past that sleeping with the transmitter plugged in can sometimes bug the mice and i dont know why.

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