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H100i Temps and Noise


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Hi All


So I own a Corsair H100i, cooling down my i7 4790k (stock speeds)


As of late I noticed that the CPU temps go to 99 - 100 degrees, then thermal throttles, on roughly 70% load (idle temps at around 50 - 60)

I thought perhaps the CPU paste is old so I proceeded to delid it and apply some fresh paste, this didn't help. I put the stock cooler on and max temp at max load is around 80 degrees (keep in mind that the fins are bent on the stock cooler, never used it and just threw it in a box)


A buddy of mine suggested that I run my PC on its side overnight to get rid of the bubbles, another suggested lightly tapping the radiator and pump. Nothing helped and when I turn my PC on its side the pump makes a terrible sound


Video 1: [ame=https://youtu.be/rQGXLvRG-SI]https://youtu.be/rQGXLvRG-SI[/ame]


Video 2: [ame=https://youtu.be/T7Ymc_Jy8Bs]https://youtu.be/T7Ymc_Jy8Bs[/ame]


As you can see its quiet when its upright.

Any ideas whatsoever as to what the problem could be?


Many thanks

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