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Corsair Sabre is driving me crazy


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I have no idea what the **** is happening with my mouse, I've had the same issues for about a year and have just dealt with it because I could not find anyone having similar problems but its driving me insane at this point.


My mouse for some reason will randomly accelerate like I've lost control of it and spin around at an insanely high speed. I only use my mouse at 400 or 800 dpi but when this problem happens it spins around like it was at 3200 dpi and shoots my camera upward.


At first I thought it was only the game I was playing (Rb6 Siege) because it didnt seem to happen in other games, but it really I didnt play other games so it was hard to tell. Once I stopped playing seige because of this and other computer/game issues, I realized that it would happen in other games as well. Then I though maybe it was the dpi, since i switched back and forth alot and it seemed to mainly only happen at 400 dpi, but I was wrong about that as well.


I have updated/ forced firmware updates and deleted corsair utility but nothing has fixed the issue. I also cant 100% recreate the issue, sometimes it feels like it would not happen for a few days and then other times it feels like it would happen every few minutes. And sadly I dont have another mouse to test to see if the issue itself is even the mouse or something else.


So really I want to know if anyone else has had this issue?

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