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[iCUE] H100i V2 not changing fan and pump speeds.


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Before you instantly assume I'm not applying the curves, yes I am, it's just not responding to it. Software is up to date (3.15.101)


I've had my 100i V2 for about a month. But I can't control the fan and the pump speeds. The temperature also seems to be stuck at 40.7°C. Might it be something with temperatures being stuck or? After restarting is now says the temperature is 35°C and occasionally changing to 34.80°C.


Any help is appreciated.

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I had to uninstall iCue and re-install link 4 ( CORSAIR LINK Installer v4.9.7.35 ) to get it working again.

Also, many of the features (temperatures) from Link were missing.


It's a shame though because now I can' t control my RGB Corsair K70 anymore. ( I will try to install the old iCue if I find it. )

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