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Connecting Case Fans in my Corsair Graphite Series 760T


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I'm currently building a new system using a Corsair Graphite Series 760T CC-9011074-WW White Full Tower Windowed Case. I've been confused by how to connect the preinstalled case fans.


After much investigation and looking at the manual again, I suspect I know what to do, but would like it confirmed because the manual is a bit confusing and vague on the subject. There's also a step that I still have no idea what to do about.


So basically the advice I'm getting everywhere about connecting case fans is that I should plug them directly into the motherboard headers, but the only connectors for the case fans I could find in the case are these:






Alternate view: https://imgur.com/gv7bENY


For a while I believed that the three smaller 3-prong male connectors in my hand in those photos were the power cables from the case fans, but after much investigation, I'm starting to think that power cables from case fans are all female, so that can't be right.


I took another look at the manual, which confused me the first time. According to the case manual (page 13): "Note: The case fans come pre-connected to the fan speed selector."




And it says that I should install the fan speed selector by: "Connect[ing] the SATA power connector to the PSU SATA power cable. "


So I'm assuming that's the wide connector in my hand in the photos above and I'll try connecting that to a PSU SATA cable the next time I work on my new system.


Question #1: So, if I understand this right, the preinstalled case fans already have their power cables plugged into this hidden case "fan speed selector" and that the SATA connector above powers that. Is that right? And if I connect that SATA connector to my PSU, will that power all the preinstalled case fans?


Question #2: That still leaves the huge mystery of what those other three 3-prong male connectors in my hand in the photos above are? I have a guess - that that's where I plug any additional optional case fans into, and that would connect them directly into the hidden integrated case "fan speed selector" that will be powered by the aforementioned SATA connector. Is that right?


Question #3: Page 13 of the manual lists step 2 of the install procedure for the fan speed selector as:


"2. Connect the 3 or 4-Pin fan connecter to the case fan header."


What does this mean? I have no idea what this could refer to, unless it's referring to the three 3-prong male connectors I was asking about in Question #2. If it is referring to them, and if I'm supposed to connect optional case fans to them, then it's really poorly worded. If it's not referring to those, then I'm totally confused.

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right.. the pre installed fans should be plugged into those connectors in your hand .. you plug that Sata Power connection (yes, wide connection) into your PSU and away you go.. fans should have power, using the case button should switch between 'quiet' and 'performance'
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The case has a powered fan controller. The SATA cable brings power from the PSU. The fan adapters then give the power to the two front fans. This is optional. You can connect them to the motherboard if you prefer BIOS or other software fan control.
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Hi guys,

Sorry to bring this up again,so I've build my new system and my case is a Corsair 780t white full tower.

I'm having the same issue with the 3 pin cables in the case,the sata connection was straight forward but I'm confused by the 3 pin cables, reading the previous posts looks like I need an adaptor can you please post me a picture or even better a link where to get one from please?

Thanks a lot

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