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Another RAM/Mobo compatability question.


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Will this RAM:

Corsair 512MB PC2-4200 DDR2 DIMM Memory

(SKU: VS512MB533D2)


Work with this motherboard:

K7N2 Delta-L



The motherboard's technical specs clearly state:

Supports six memory banks using three 184-pin DDR DIMMs

Supports up to 3GB PC3200/2700/2100/1600 DDR SDRAMs

Supports both 64-bit and 128-bit DDR SDRAM

Note: nForce2 does NOT supports x4 memory device. 1GB can be made by other density of dram chip such as x 8, x16.




Will the extra speed simply be wasted, and the RAM will run at 3200? Or will the RAM simply be incompatible since it's DDR2 and running at 4200?

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