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NEVER again...

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So I guess this is feedback to my RMA process and how things have went.



My AIO pump went out on the 7th. I knew it was the pump because the light turned red and when I checked the corsair software, it said that my pump RPMs were 0. I literally bought it in November so I guess its warranty time.


Before I continue just let me say this. This PC is for my job. I use this computer every day for work and if my PC doesnt work, I lose my job. Simple.


I called into Customer Service and told them what happened and my ticket was processed as normal. It was going smoothly in my opinion. I took the pictures of my receipt and the box serial number and they processed it as quickly as possible. I was actually in shock...could this seriously not be a horrible experience? Boy...was I wrong.


Let's start with the fact that your company wants the customers to pay for return shipping. As soon as I found that out I called UPS and asked them roughly how much the item would be to ship and they told me 50 dollars! That's half the friggin price of the cooler, what's the point of that?! So i called back in to customer service and for this "one time only" I would get a pre payed return label. One time only huh? So if this replacement goes out I'm screwed? Doesnt matter. After this I'm buying an NZXT aio instead. Just saying.


Well, i went through trouble with this shipping thing with UPS (not your fault) and I called in to see if I could get a QR code and you guys don't give those. I was ALSO informed right then that my AIO was out of stock and I would be getting the "pro" version. Whoah whoah, hold up...that is NOT what I payed for. There is a reason I didnt go for the "pro" version and I explained it.


Your "pro" version of this AIO is garbage. The wires are everywhere and not modular. It's a rat's nest waiting to happen and I dont want to rebuild my PC just for some wire management. On top of that, I dont care about friggin RGB. I don't use it. The block looks cheap as hell and will not go with my system. On top of THAT, these "pro" versions are also having pump issues. So how long before this one goes out? No...so I said "I dont want the pro, just send me the h115i if my cooler is out of stock" to which they replied "doubt we can but I'll see what I can do".


Called in today to make sure my AIO was received. It was..but "there is a problem". The h115i is ALSO out of stock. How convenient? So now I am STUCK with a crappy product I didnt buy to begin with and I now have to wait about 7 DAYS to receive my new one. I'm going to lose my job all because your company doesnt process things quickly for customers who have legit problems.


And heres another thing, the reason you guys are trying to dump that cooler on me is because nobody wants them. You have ample stock of the crap coolers and you need to move them quickly. So me, the customer, got stuck with something I hate and didnt want all because your company backed me into a corner. No. Never again. I'm going to lose my job and money income all due to the fact your company is starting to make crap components. I even showed them that they had some on Amazon and the response was "different stock". No, no. You are just wanting to dump this cooler on me and get rid of the stock before your company makes another version with detachable wires and an updated cooler head. So thanks for sticking me with crap and not trying to help me. From here on out, i will NEVER buy another Corsair product due to this experience. EVER



Ticket # 892702

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello DAPolan,


I am sorry for the experience that you've had to go through with our customer service, I've looked into your ticket and wrote a reply with a possible solution to your issue. If you can please look at your ticket and if you have any questions please reply through the ticket so we can better assist you.




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