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iCue 'Play on key pressed" doesn't work with newest update


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I have updated to the version 3.15.101 (unfortunately do not know what my previous version was) and had profiles saved.


The problem seems only to be with Gradients. The checkbox to only play on the key typed no longer has any effect on the lighting, it simply plays the lighting on all selected keys regardless.


It doesn't seem to be a problem with ripples, for instance, another saved profile I have with ripples still works on a per key basis.


I have tried making a new gradient effect from scratch but it is the same problem.


I have a K70 LUX RGB with firmware version 3.08


Edit: I uninstalled iCUE and removed saved data then reinstalled it to no avail.

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add more testing information
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I had the same problem of gradients not playing on the pressed key like the ticked box said it should.

By using the "Type Lighting" effect, specifying the alternating colors to be the same colors, and changing the duration i managed to create the same effect as i had before.

Hope this can help you somehow til the gradients work properly again.

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