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Volume wheel stuck K90

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I have had the Corsair K90 keyboard for about 2 weeks now and today while watching a video and turning up my volume using the keyboard control, it kept increasing to volume to deafening levels. All other keyboard inputs stopped working. I tried clicking my volume slider to drag the volume down but it was auto sliding it back to 100%.


The only way I could stop it was unplugging the keyboard.


I restarted my computer and tried to replicate the problem and after a few slides up and down it got stuck again, but only this time it was decreasing the volume.


I love the keyboard, but I can't risk this happening when I have a toddler asleep in the room next to me.


Any advice?.

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Possible fix in this thread: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=167998


From gboy's reply from Corsair Support:


"Google Chrome has a driver that takes control of our media keys, preventing them from being used with Desktop apps while Chrome is open. To fix this issue:


- Head to ‘Chrome://Flags

- Locate Hardware ‘Media Key Handling’

- From the drop down set to ‘Disable’


If this didn't help please do let us know."

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