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Need some input from you guys :)


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Hiya guys :)


Ok, Obsidian 500D RGB Case... lovely :D::D::D:


My question though is airflow and if you have a Corsair Hydro Cooler


Ive got the H115i RGB Platinum Cooler


Im guessing as standard the front three fans are intakes... that's great, but although I have already looked at the Case build and Pictures section and there aren't any, have any of you guys got pictures of your build using the Hydro Cooler???


I would like to know where you guys have mounted the Radiator, and how you have fans set up in the case


I have purchased 2 x LL140 fans for the Rad so it will all be true RGB and I also managed to get an additional 3 pack of LL120 fans as well for cheap so I have a lot of fans lol I just want to make sure that the rad is in the best place, and the airflow is as good as it can be


So, if you have some detailed pictures and some words of advice, please feel free to share them :)

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I've got one, and wish I'd gone a different way. Great looks, mediocre performance. I had an H150i installed in the front, with 6 fans in push/pull configuration. Airflow was not great. My GPU temps were high, even with the fans screaming at 90%. Like most Corsair cases front intake is too restrictive, especially with a radiator. I bought a 3X120 bracket from a 570 series case so I could run the H150 up top and still have 3 120's as front intakes. Well, it doesn't work. The hoses interfere with either the top fan in front or the fan in the back panel if the rad is orientated that way.


With the H150 up top and a couple ML140's and the rear ML 120 set for intake as well my CPU and GPU temps greatly improved. The LL fans that came with the case are tossed into a box. The do look nice but for airflow they kinda suck. And not in a good way. Low airflow and noisy when cranked up fast enough to actually move air. The ML's are a vastly better option if you car about performance over looks.


Here's my previous configuration that didn't work very well at all. No pics of it currently, I'll try to remember to get some tonight after work.



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