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Corsair Scimitar and iCue help


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I have dug through the forums and google and I guess I just don't know how to word what my current issue is well enough to hunt down other posts. So... here's a new one that's probably been covered.


I've got the Corsair Scimitar mouse and I have the DPI up button and DPI down buttons programmed as a keyboard letter. (K and J) and it does fine! For a while. Then it just randomly starts hitting the DPI up/down buttons in conjunction with the programming I've done to them. I can restart the icue software and things return to normal, but the interval between it acting up can be really random. It will go DAYS without messing up, then it's every 20 seconds. I can't pinpoint an issue to it, has anyone experienced similar problems?


I've already checked that the icue software and the firmware on my mouse is up to date.


pls help, hard to game when the mouse speed jumps all the time!

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