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Temperature Lighting Link crashes hardware monitoring.


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While using Temperature Lighting Link(TLL) it appears to break the hardware monitoring. This causes iCue the Dashboard to stop updating and the fans plugged into my Commander Pro to stop updating. I'm not 100% sure what is causing it, but using TLL is the only thing that's changed. I'll attach my debug logs in case anyone wants to have a look.


I've created a new profile without the TLL using the same fan curves and now it seems to be working okay.


Other things I've tried that didn't work: Restarting the service from within iCue temporarily fixes it until it stops again. I tried to repair the iCue installation but that had no improvement. I also tried uninstalling iCue and reinstalling it, but that didn't improve anything.


I did try adding another TLL layer to my keyboard and that seemed to cause the problem to happen quicker. Any insight would nice.


EDIT: It just crashed again. Not sure what is happening anymore.


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