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K68 lighting effects on lock screen?


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So I just updated iCue (now 3.15.101) and seems like that was a mistake.


I always have my keyboard set to a color shift effect. Previously when I would lock Windows the keyboard would immediately shift to red then begin to cycle through the colors as normal. After updating iCue, when I lock Windows it immediately begins the rainbow cycle.


After doing some research I realize that iCue needs to be running to display the lighting effects and that when the PC is locked the keyboard can't communicate with the software, so it revert back to the default effect. I'm just confused why, before I updated iCue, it was showing a color shift when the PC was locked.


I tried creating a new profile of static color and choosing "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device", but that doesn't seem to do anything.


Anyone experience this, or know how to get the color shift back?

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