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Bad TwinX CMX512-3200 DIMM


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I have a pair of TwinX CMX512-3200 DIMMs and I'm pretty sure one is bad. My setup is a MSI nforce 4 neo 4 platinum board (non-sli) with a AMD 64 3500+ CPU. When i have both modules on the board (in slots 1 & 2 as per the MSI instructions) the box will blue screen loading XP. I i remove the one DIMM (was in slot 2) the machine boots fine into XP. I have tried booting with just the bad DIMM in slot 1 as well and get a blue screen loading XP. In the BIOS i have the memory setting locked at 3 3 3 8 and 400 mhz are per the spec on the ram with the voltage set to auto.
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