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H115i Platinum Fan Curve Issue


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I have the H115i Platinum which I replaced the ML fans with the LL fans (for continuity with the rest of my LL case fans). The issue I am having is that the LL fans that are connected to the H115i are running between 1350-1500 RPM regardless of the fan curve, fixed rpm, fixed percentage, quite, or balanced method I choose. I have tried tying the fan curve to the AIO, the total CPU package, the GPU and nothing seems to matter. They just continue to throttle up and down. I ensured the firmware for the H115i was up-to-date (1.00.33). I am also running the newest iCue version (3.15.101).

I have even gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling iCue, but it doesn't make a difference. Any suggestions?

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