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Please Help with these 2 keyboards

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I have recently got an upgraded Keyboard, the k95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Browns from my old k55 membrane keyboard. But I was thinking that I could use the k55 as a macro board...


But I couldn't... because for both keyboards, in every profile, if I change/make a macro on one keyboard, it will do the same for the other keyboard. I notice that this also happens with lighting effects too, like for example, my mouse, the m65 pro RGB, will activate type lighting on my k95.


So I ask, Is there a way to change a macro on one keyboard and not have it on the other keyboard? also, Is there a way to change lighting effects and not have it go to any other peripheral?


Any help will be much a appreciated, Thanks.

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not within icue. TaranVH (@TaranVH) myself and others have looked into it. You can use obliton (I dont personally recommend it) or you can use the codeproject example to make the distinction between the keyboards (which would be my suggested or preferred method since you can control what is happening and how a little easier). Taran says there were limitations, I never got that far with it, but I didnt see the limitations being sufficiently preventative.




but if you do not know how to code it might not be real easy. Obliton is, but who knows what it is doing and I think you need to not have the system check for signed drivers which might be a problem for you in the future.

Taran describes the method in detail here:




If you went the codeproejct example way you'd want to:

- setup the example

- figure out how to make it global (so the application doesn't need to be active)

- have the second keyboard emit some off keyboard qualifier Scancode or make some other indication that the last key came from a first or second keyboard (memory flag).

- you would want to have autohotkey control the macros from there rather than icue.

- as to lighting, you could have the SDK control the lighting conditionally, but you cannot separate the keyboards in icue. you will just get the same lighting on both boards, but you might be interested in having the lighting show up differently on the second board when it is typed on


The easiest method, if you are willing to do it, is just book a profile switch action button on both boards that goes back and forth between profiles. It 'negates the point' having a toggle key like that but not really because it can be easier in your head to remember you need to hit the switching button on the second board and actually being on the second board might be easier to remember the macro combination, especially if the lighting reminded you. That option can be done entirely in icue

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