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Just got a new i160 - Front LED's keep flickering off


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Hello all, I've had my new i160 for about a week. 3 days ago, the front LED's would randomly turn off for ~half a second and pop back on (along with the windows USB Disconnect/reconnect sound).


It's been getting more and more frequent. Now it's happening 3-4 times a minute and I can't play games as it gives a brief lag spike (and the sound is annoying)


Any thoughts on how to fix it? Could it be a loose connection to the motherboard?


I've been building computers for awhile (I remember upgrading my 486 to a 486DX2 in 1993) so I'm comfortable trying to troubleshoot.

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Thanks for the response!


I updated iCue and nothing changed. I shook the case lightly and it went away, leading me to believe there's something not quite plugged in 100%.


Can y'all point me in the general direction of where these LED's plug in so I know what to look for?

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