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[Feature request] Parallel macro polyrhythm options


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Hello, I want to request an advanced macro creation feature, which would allow users to merge two macros into a single polyrhythmic macro.


PURPOSE: To allow users to create more complex macros with ease.


INTERFACE: iCUE would have two macro creation fields side by side, so that the user may enter macro part A, and macro part B.



1. Enter macro 1, part A key sequence into iCUE,

2. Enter macro 1, part B key sequence into iCUE,

3. Enter desired “Total cycle time” (8 sec = 8000ms in this example)

4. iCUE automatically merges macro 1 parts A and B, and inserts appropriate delays between all events.


EXAMPLE [user input]:

*Macro 1 Part A key sequence = Attack, attack, attack

*Macro 1 Part B key sequence = Jump, crouch, jump, crouch

*Total cycle duration = 8000ms


MERGING PROCESS [iCUE calculations]:

*Total events in part A = 3. Total events in part B = 4. Thus, polyrhythm = “3 against 4”


PART A: Delay between events in part A = 8000ms/3 = 2,666ms

**Event 1 occurs at 0ms, event 2 occurs at 2,666ms, event 3 occurs at 5,333ms [+2,666ms delay = 8,000ms] -> cycle repeats


PART B: Delay between events in part B = 8000ms/4 = 2,000ms

**Event 1 occurs at 0ms, event 2 occurs at 2,000ms, event 3 occurs at 4,000ms, event 4 occurs at 6,000ms [+2000ms delay = 8,000ms] -> cycle repeats


[Whenever event delays add up to 8,000ms, cycle repeats, therefore the 8,000ms mark is equal to the 0ms mark. I.e. there is looping]








**2000ms-0ms = 2000ms

**2666ms-2000ms = 666ms

**4000ms-2,666ms = 1,333ms

**5,333ms-4000ms = 1,333ms

**6,000-5,333ms = 666ms

**8,000-6,000 = 2,000ms





*This is the "3 against 4" polyrhythmic macro, and iCUE would come up with the delays which I have manually calculated and inserted in brackets*



0ms + 2000ms + 666ms + 1333ms + 1333ms + 666ms+ 2000ms = 7,998ms = 8,000ms (numbers are rounded).

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I realize what I am saying might seem kind of esoteric, but I am not trying to be an *******, I really think this is a good idea with a lot of potential, if implemented correctly. So Please, I hope a developer reads this.



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