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New Builder, New Build. RGB/Cooling, seeking recommendations for setup.


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First time builder here!


Saw Zotty's faq on RGB lighting:


and this great thread on liquid cooling:



But I'm a little overwhelmed.

Want to do a build with three LL120 RGBs intake on bottom, the same as exhaust on side, and push/pull (even though not very effective) of Corsair H150i Pro cooler, by replacing stock fans and using 3 push LL120s and 3 pull LL120s. Also have 4 chainable LED strips from the Corsair RGB LED Lighting Pro Expansion Kit. I'm overwhelmed and would like some recommendations as to how to hook up.



1)MSI MEG Z390 ACE Motherboard (which has 1x 3-pin Corsair LED connector, 1x 3-pin RAINBOW LED connector, and 2x 4-pin RGB LED connectors)

2)Corsair H150i PRO

3)Corsair HX1000 1000w Platinum Full modular Power Supply

3)Corsair LL120RGB triple fan packages with hub and Lightning Node PRO, THREE SETS (so three NoPros and three RGB Fan LED Hubs)

4)Corsair LL120RGB individual fans x3

5)Corsair Fan Controller Commander Pro (one CoPro)

6)Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion kit (4 RGB strips)

7)4x Fan Splitter Cables (4pin female to 2 males (slave 3pin, master 4pin))


Head spinning with how to hook up the 4 sets of three LL120s (two of which will be push/pulls for the H150i radiator), where to hookup temp sensors, and between MSI Mystic Light (which I understand is Corsair affiliated given motherboard Corsair connections), iCue, Link.


Any recommendations?



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Mystic Light is completely independent of iCUE.

You won't need Link. iCUE will handle all of your devices.

You'll have two RGB Fan LED Hubs, each with 6 fans. You can do all intake (radiator push/case intake) on one and all exhaust (radiator pull/case exhaust) on the other. Or you can do all radiator on one and all case fans on the other. That's up to you and a question of how you want to control it.

You don't have enough power in the pump to power all six fans. So you'll want to have one set of three connected to the pump and the other set on the Commander Pro. For each "set of 3" (radiator/case intake/case exhaust), have 2 on splitters and one directly connected to the CoPro.

The strips can go on one of the Lighting Node Pros.

Here's a sample diagram:



Another option is to put 2 the RGB Fan LED Hubs on a single Lighting Channel using an Fan Hub Splitter. You'll then have two identical sets of 6 LL Fans. This splitter is available from a third party.

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This helps a lot!

I like how you recommended in the diagram, in that there are four blocks of RGB fans LED addressable, that the pump powers the block corresponding to the push, which is nearest to it. I also like having one hub corresponding to the two blocks of fans that push and pull radiator, with the other hub corresponding to the two blocks that go to general case cooling.


Then the third group of LED addressing via the NoPro the strips (which I might split as 2 strips per LED channel from the NoPro, just to allow for more crazy lighting orchestration).


Since this will all go through iCUE, I'm assuming that SYNCHRONIZING effects across all four channels of LED control (Channel #1 (Radiator fansx6) and #2 (Case fansx6) via CoPro on Radiator; Channel #3 and #4 (LED stripsx4) via NoPro) won't be a problem if I want to synch the LED lightshow, so I'll forego getting a Fan Hub Splitter (3rd party) to get both LED Hubs onto an single LED channel, unless that's the only way I can synch them up.


Any advice on temp probe placement for the push/pull and controlling the radiator fans? Given the pushfans will be powered by the pump and pullfans by CoPro, will that affect how iCUE can autoregulate fanspeed based on temperature? I think if I go that route, then I would need LINK for temperature profile/fanspeed management, right?


Thanks again.

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Again, you do not need Link. It won't get you any functionality that you don't have in iCUE.

Temp probes can be placed between the radiator and the exhaust/pull fans. This is a good proxy for the coolant temperature. Or you can just create a fan curve based on the coolant temperature - the problem with that is it requires the software to be running and the fans will go at full speed during startup and shutdown. At least one temp probe should go somewhat above your GPU - that tends to be the warmest part of the case and you'll likely want to have your case fans based off of that.


And yes, you can synch the RGB in iCUE.

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Thanks again. Will let you know how it goes. Stuff just arrived so will start assembly soon. Once I get some days I can see how well temp probe correlates to coolant temp then set fans according to that instead of internal coolant, to avoid fan full blasting at startup.


Set up leaves me two extra lighting nodes. Will see if I can come up with creative uses for them. Maybe even outside the case...

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