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Using K83 as "normal joystick" under linux?


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Hi everyone, I'm a robot engineer and I try to use K83 as an controller for a robot. My system is running a Ubuntu 1604 x64 desktop version.


When I plug the 2.4g dongle, the keyboard, as well as the trackpad, works fine.


However, the joystick acts not as expected: with the F-lock off, the joystick just works like arrow-keys; and if the F-lock is on, the system recognizes it just like a mouse.


What I expected is I want the system can consider it as a normal joystick which have several channels of displacement output. To be more specific, when i use the command line tool jstest-gtk to check a XBox joystick, it gives:




but when it comes to K83, it gives:



which no key value will change upon any manipulate on the keyboard.


So is there any solution?



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