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More than 1 sensor for fan control with Commander Pro/iCue)


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I'm currently running 5 fans off of a commander pro in my PC, and I have different fans running off of different sensors (e.g. CPU temp, GPU temp, etc.). Is it possible to control a fan off of more than 1 sensor so the fans respond to different workloads?


For example, say I currently have an intake fan set to run at 100% when the CPU reaches 75C. It would be great to have that fan run at 100% when either the CPU or GPU reach 75C.


I recall seeing a post a while back about Link being able to do this, but it doesn't seem that iCue has this capability, unless I'm missing something.



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Dev, thanks for the reply. I guess I was mistaken about link having this capability. As far as the temperature sensors, I have about 2 inches between the backplate of my GPU and my CPU cooler (as you can see in the attached picture). Where would you say to place a thermal probe?


Some ideas I've had: taping it to the GPU backplate, taping it to the underside of the CPU fan housing (so it wouldn't heat up with the heatsink, but rather sample the air around that area), or placing it in such a way that the actual probe is suspended in the air between the CPU cooler and GPU backplate.


I realize I have 4 probes, but I also don't want unnecessary cables to manage.


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