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HX1200i vs. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master: Cable not provided?


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I got a HX1200i PSU to power a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master motherboard and I just noticed that none of the provided cables will fit the second cpu connector of the motherboard. It's double 2x4 pin. In fact there is one provided cable, but the MB requires two.


I don't understand how Corsair will provide only one cable for CPU. Is that something so rare to occur? Especially considering it's a 1200W PSU, it should be expected that it would be used to power more robust hardware, no?


Anyway, what do I do? Can Corsair provide me a second 2x4 pin cable for the CPU? I plan to do some soft OC to this processor, to 5 Ghz max. I won't do this unless I get the power going as recommended by Gigabyte.


Is it ok run the PC on factory clocks with just one 2x4 pin cable? (for now, I will need the other cable for the future).


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You can order one from Corsair.com. Or you can try your luck with Support but I doubt that they'll send you one. The included cables are listed clearly.


Here's the reality - until just recently (the past year or so), one CPU power header was sufficient. The requirement for 2 CPU Power Pins is quite new and a recent development in mainstream motherboards.

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