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Corsair LL120 RBG fans strange bug/problem


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Hello fellow RGB lovers


I have a strange problem with my LL120 RGB Fans.

I have totally 6 of them in my system. All connected how they should be. All showing up in iCUE.

The strange part is that one fan, after shutting down and booting up again, partially works. Just the 3 middle LED's are working. I changed the fan ports and eveything. If that fan is in port 1, the other ones dont work. So it's has to be the fan.

But now the strangest part is that after 1.5-2 hours it works completely fine.


I tried everything. Connected all devices to separate SATA power cables, changed the fan hub, the lightning node pro, the usb on the motherboard, updated the firmware. I had the same problem with my AMD System so it cant be the motherboard. Windows is freshly installed. I really thought maby changing the system will help but it seems not.


So im really clueless now what the problem is. I even tried restarting the corsair service in windows. Nothing helps. Just letting it run for some hours and it fixes itself.


I read every single forum that has some problem with the LL120 fans, so maby someone can help me with my special problem.

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Yeah, that's definitely the fan. It's interesting that it "fixes itself" ... it reminds me of the old days when you'd see computers with issues due to thermal stress "fix themselves" of issues after being powered for a bit - just enough for components to expand and make the connection. You don't really see that anymore.


I'd suggest that you get a replacement fans from RMA. They have a 2 year warranty, IIRC (don't take that as gospel, though).

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Thank for the fast reply.


I just made a new discovery. The fan fixes itself only if if the fans are in a special RGB mode like rainbow and so on. It's one of the stragenst things i have seen in my life.


But yeah it could be that the stress heats some connectors up and closes the gap. Or it's something else.


But anyways im going to open a warranty ticket at my seller and send them back. Unfortunate that i have to send all 3 back with controller and the other stuff.

But i would love to know from Corsair what the real problem was. It's really interessting to me.


Thanks for helping me out. I really thought i could fix that somehow.

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