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Standoffs and micro ATX


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I just bought a corsair carbide spec 05 and I was wondering if you need to install the standoff given with the case if i was installing a micro ATX board. There seems to already be one pre-installed but i dont know.


Edit: there is only one standoff screw that comes with the case

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So i shouldn't need to worry about installing the standoff screw because of the one that comes preinstalled right?


That sounds correct, based on them being pre-installed. I'm assuming you can see the actually pre-installed standoffs on the motherboard tray area - so, they should line up to the holes on your motherboard.


In my Corsair 280x I ended up removing some of the pre-installed standoffs because I had an ITX board and didn't need them all. Though it would have been fine to leave them.


Good luck with your build.

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