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Lost a single key cap.


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So, after a few too many beers I spilled one on my keyboard.


Thankfully, I managed to unplug, flip it over and remove the key caps and clean it, so it still works without any issues.


I dropped the key caps in some water overnight and went to sleep. Woke up and the “I” key was missing.


Searched everywhere, then my SO informed me she had vacuumed and the bins had already been collected.


I’d rather not pay $30 for a full set just for the “I” keycap replacement. Is there any way to get an individual replacement? Sadly, I’m out of warranty now.


It’s for a Vengeance K95.



Edit; contacted the support team, but the guy responding is just repeatedly directing me to the store with a copy/pasted message, and not even acknowledging my question.

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