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Alternative of iCUE software for the remap part only ?


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I have a K55 RGB Keyboard, and I don't care about the "RGB" part that I cut off since day one. What I want is the macro keys (G1 > G6), so I can use one to speak in Discord, one for Teamspeak, etc. and sometimes I will change them for games.


The keyboard has a MR function to record macros, but it is not a solution when the expected usage is to maintain pressed for a decent amount of time one of the G Keys. iCUE is mandatory for that.


And... iCUE works fine, I admit. I remapped F13 > F18 to the G Keys and it is good in Mumble and stuff. BUT... iCUE spend between 5 to 10 % CPU at all time even while minimized in tray (Corsair service included) of my i5-4590, and need 250 MB RAM...


...just for 6 keys ? Really ? with RGB options removed (as I cut off RGB. No light, best light) ? And I can't disable other softwares to compensate, I optimized this point as much as possible already.


It is too expensive to be tolerated. Unfortunately, once closed, the keyboard returns to his blank state and so lose the remapping. I HAVE to use iCUE... or an alternative, if it exists. Or just forget it and maybe try something else when the day of replacing this keyboard come.


My search gave me nothing so far. I found alternatives to configure the RGB part but I don't want that, I want to remap keys, at low cost.


So, is there a software just for the remap/macro part of Corsair keyboards ?




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