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PSU HXi unstable voltage


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Hello dear friends !


About a year, I am the owner of a power supply HX850i.

But I noticed that after a year of use, in the monitoring program HWinfo64, you can notice a noticeable drop in the 12 volt line and the 3.3 volt line.

At the same time in the Corsair iCue program, there are no changes, the voltages are indicated as if they are reference and everything is fine.


Tell me please, is this normal ?



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First, there is a good chance the two programs are stepping on each other trying to read the same data. HWiNFO and iCUE usually have a conflict over Corsair devices and it is necessary to disable their monitoring if you wish to use iCUE and HWiNFO at the same time.


Even if that is not the case, it's hard to draw any conclusions from the two pictures. The HWiNFO data is min/max for the current uptime of the program. Those figures do not look drastically out of specification for a software reading of the PSU. However, the iCUE data is only for the past 60 seconds and it only keeps local min/max for that duration, not all time min/max. That is is certainly something a lot of us would like to see change, but at the present time it does not make for precise data analysis.

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Dear friends, thank you for the answears.



I made measurements using a multimeter (UNI-T UT61E, True RMS, 22k counts) on an ATX 24-pin connector connected to the motherboard.


No load, just desktop Windows:

3.3v - 3.276v

12v - 12.095v


With load, 3DMark TimeSpy Stress test:

3.3v - 3.259v

12v - 12.066v



Load - 8700k stock, 1080ti, 1 SSD, 2 HDD.


Yet it seems to me that the voltage on the 3.3v line is "undervalued"

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The 3.3V rail is well within specification.

The ATX specification is 3.135V to 3.465V (+/- 5%/0.165V).

You're looking at -1.3%/0.041V (at most) deviation.

So no, it's not undervalued.


Hmm, okay.

I would certainly expect such a "discrepancy" from a cheap power supply for $ 10, but from a power supply with a platinum certificate ...

I'm sad :(

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