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Corsair Strafe Keycaps Breaking!?

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So a few years, a friend of mine bought me the corsair strafe (v1) cherry mx silents and since I've already had a keyboard, I decided to just put in a drawer on my desk.

Now about 4 months ago, my old keyboard broke so I pulled out the corsair strafe and used it and boy did it feel good typing on. Right about a month after I started using

it, the keycaps started breaking right in front of me. The stem which helps you insert the keycap into the switch started forming cracks and was breaking.


At first I was a little worried but then by a week or two, literally half of the keycaps (even the ones like PSC and BRK that I've almost never used). I didn't contact support

to get a warranty because firstly I didn't buy it and dont have the receipt, but also because I thought it was kind of natural as it has been so long since it was bought.


So I bought a new set of keycaps which were the corsair double shot PBT black keycaps and before I put them on my keyboard, I completely cleaned it (just water) and

let it dry for a day. Now I thought all was well but just yesterday, the keycaps started breaking again!! I have seen several posts on the k70 and other keyboards having

similar problems to me and they all use the same keycap. Now I am not going to buy another set of keycaps and I'm not too sure what to do at this point. Any advice?

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