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LL120 RGB fans won't light up in one case (but work fine in another)


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So I bought some more LL120 fans because I liked the way it looked in my main build. I have an older build with the following:



Asus X99A (just updated bios to most recent)

32 GB Crucial RAM

GTX 1070 TI

Intel 750 Series 1.2 TB SSD

NZXT h500i

Antec EDG750 PSU


Problem: I installed 4 fans in the case. They all spin and can be controlled via PWM in bios. I have installed Corsair LED strips and LL120 fans before so I know how to wire them correctly on the mobo and the hub. I tested the lighting node pro and commander rgb hub in my main build, along with every single part - they all work correctly. Fans light up, fans spin, etc. So the hardware doesn't have any problems.


But I also tested the SATA power cable and the USB headers on the motherboard (they light up and control the NZXT LED strips without a problem). So it appears all the USB headers work, the power supply ports and SATA power cable works, and the LL120 hardware works correctly in my main build case, but not this one. Any idea why?


I opened a ticket with Corsair but we're going in circles. They're telling me I need to send them the fans but I explained I know for a fact they work, just not with this PC for some reason. The ONLY thing I haven't tried is swapping out the power supply unit to see if there's some kind of problem or compatibility issue somehow with the Antec EDG750 and the Corsair fans.


My main build is a similar case without the built in LED strips - I opted for the Corsair LED strips to put with the two LL120 fans and the h115i RGB Platinum I have and everything runs flawlessly. I just don't get why I can't get these beautiful fans to light up in my secondary PC. :*(


Please help!

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If it is only the fan lighting and the Commander Pro is recognized in iCUE, I would focus on the RGB Lighting Hub, the SATA cable providing power to it, and the little tiny wire than runs from the RGB-hub to the Commander Pro. The RGB hub is current pathway for the lighting and must go through that chain. Watch out for any SATA extensions, but I always worry about that little cable connecting the hub and the C-Pro. Hard to test that one.
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