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Customer Service, This seems to be an issue I have read about more than a few times in these forums and I felt I should share my experience. Thus far it may not sound as bad as some that have reported here but where My customer support issue is still ongoing time will tell.

I ordered my Corsair one Computer early so I could get it right at launch. It looked like an amazing computer I loved the Specs, for the most part, granted the 2tb mechanical drive seemed like a weak point in the build and in my case it seems it truly was but will get to that. Otherwise, the computer really seemed like something very special.

I had a few slight issues after getting it nothing too alarming right off. My Corsair Mouse and Keyboard seemed to increase an issue with the Corsair ones computer lights reverting back to its blue and blinking back and forth from the lighting I had set to the blue. The iCUE dashboard that would show fan speeds and whatnot would crash sometimes and more than once would seem to bug out. It would show fan numbers and pump number extremely high like pumps that averagely showed 1900 would suddenly be showing 9000. I figured buggy software we all have seen buggy software.

Then about a month or two ago I started hearing a metallic click sound every now and then. It was extremely noticeable you could hear it from across the room. It wasn't constant at least that I noticed just something you would hear every hour or so. Sometimes it was more often but most often just one click some times two. It became a little more often as time went on. I ran the Pc doctor software it showed no warnings of any kind. From my computer experience and what I knew of this computer, I felt the sound could either be a fan or the hard drive but I am no expert so I let it be for the time. The click did slowly seem to go away. Well in April the issue became something much more noticeable. I had several games and what not installed on the D drive, the Mechanical drive. When accessing the items installed on that hard drive the speed of accessing them suddenly became longer and longer to the point in accessing the game Shadow of the tomb raider. It would take up to ten plus minutes to get to the title screen and to open and run the benchmark the game had would take well over a half an hour and sound and things simply would not load entirely. The slow read speeds were common on everything I tried on the drive making it unusable.

So I finally contacted customer service April 17th. They asked me to send them a pc doctor test I did that I voiced my problem very clearly. They gave me a slow back and forth at first IE, I would send them the information they asked for almost right away and they would reply two or three days later. It took till the April 24th that they approved my repair and would send a box and a label for me to send the computer in. The message sent to me said I would receive that within 24 to 48 hours. I had already been very unimpressed with the customer service speed and simply feeling I was getting the runaround but hey 24 to 48 hours didn't sound horrible. Well, its now May 3rd I still have not received a box or label. I have contacted them again on the same ticket. I tried not to get annoyed or feel I was being totally ignored by Corsair but this customer service experience has done nothing but left a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like they have my money so they simply do not care or value me in any way as a customer. I have more then a few concerns on when and if I ever receive the box and label that the repairs will be done right or timely at all at this point.

So that's my Customer service story thus far. It truly does feel that Corsair just doesn't value the customer beyond the point of getting our money at the time of purchase. I truly hope this changes in the future Customers should matter. Sorry for the long rant I hope you all have a nice day.

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I figured I would give an update to my experience since my last post on the matter. Its two weeks later now since my first post. I was approved 4/20/2019 and given options of what I wanted to do. My choice was. “1. Repair: This process will have a turnaround time of roughly 2 weeks. We will send you an empty box along with a prepaid label to ship the unit back to us. Once the unit has been repaired, we will send it back to you.” We are now 5/16/2019 I saw there was a Label finally made but as for a shipping box or any progress to getting my Hard drive issue taken care of, there has been zero progress in that time. The person helping me out seemed lost when I asked why I had not received a shipping box yet. This is beyond a company dragging there feet. I try to face every issue in life with a smile but this is beyond crazy. As customers, we should be treated much better than this.
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