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memory questions ECS 755 a2


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Im going to be building a system tommorow and i have some questions before i dive into the build so i know what to expect. (my first build using next generation parts) Im very familiar with hardware from the older days but i havent built a system in at least 2 years. (athlon xp 1700 ddr266 my last build)


My mboard is a ECS 755 a2

memory is corsair VS512MB400 2 sticks.

Proccessor is a athlon 64 3000


my question is mainly about the compatability and speeds.

i know the board/cpu combo doesnt like running double sided ram at ddr400

is this going to be the case with this setup? I was going to buy a single 1gig stick since i noticed the board would easily support one ds ram stick at ddr400 but the price was better for the 2 sticks and seemed like the cas was better on 2 sticks.


Mainly just wanting to know for sure if i will be stuck with the ddr333 speed with this setup and if so what kinda performance may i see versus a different 1gig setup running at ddr400.


Any insight or experience in this area would be great and i thank you in advance for any help.

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seems curious that i just finished building the system and it booted with both sticks in place running at 200 fsb!


i have been through the bios over and over and sandra and they all say im running at ddr400 go figure.


on a side note cheers to corsair the ram is great and my system is running much faster than i expected.

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