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How do you connect the cables on SF750?


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So how do you connect the cables with no manual showing which end goes to motherboard and which to power supply?

This is regarding the 8pin CPU cable. Both ends have different shapes. Both ends can be swapped either way. One end says CPU and the other Type 4.

What on earth is TYPE 4???


Second part, there is nothing on the power supply showing where to connect on PSU. It only says PCIe & CPU for 4 ports. I can only guess it's the 4th because the CPU was written after PCIe.

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The days of the little pamphlet in the box are truly dead and done. However, it is still pretty much the same thin little thing online - for whatever that is worth.


CPU 8/4+4 pin and PCI-E 8/6+2 - Any time you have a connector with a "split end", that will go on the device or end of run (motherboard/GPU). Your split 4+4 end goes on the motherboard. The 8 pin end goes to the PSU. If you have a true 8/8 cable, it probably doesn't matter. However, the labeling is to help you when staring at a bunch of wires the back of the PSU. Put the "CPU" labeled end into the PSU. This will make it easier to distinguish from the PCI-E cables that look the same and share the same slots. On the SF750, the power provided on each of those "8 pin slots" is the same, so they can take the PCI-E - 8 or the CPU 8.


Type 4 is a reference to the kind of power cable your PSU uses. Other PSUs may use Type 3. I won't go into the differences here, but you never mix them up. Only relevant if buying more cables.

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