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Now Available - 64GB DDR4 SODIMM Upgrade Kit for CORSAIR ONE PRO i180

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Hi everybody,


A validated 64GB kit of Vengeance Series SODIMMs is now available for CORSAIR ONE i180 systems. Please note that the modules included are SODIMMs and will not work as an upgrade for first gen or current gen i140/i160 systems.




Complete upgrade instructions will be available shortly and this post will be updated when those resources become available.


For now, here are some steps to help guide the upgrade process:


Please back up your data before attempting upgrades. CORSAIR is not liable for any damages or voided warranties caused by incorrect upgrades.


  • Press the release button firmly and pull the top assembly straight up.

  • Disconnect the fan cable and set the top assembly aside.

  • With CORSAIR ONE facing towards you, use a screwdriver and remove the first of the two screws holding the left side panel in place.

  • Next, remove the second screw while resting your hand against the side panel as it might pop open.

  • With the side panel released, rotate the cooling hoses so that the panel can be laid parallel with the CORSAIR ONE unit. *** Be careful

*Tools you will need - Phillips Head Screwdriver



  • To replace the DRAM start by flipping the latch on both sides of the DRAM slot.

  • Carefully pull the memory up and out of each slot.



  • To properly insert the memory align the notch on the module with the notch in the memory slot.

  • When inserting the first module carefully push down on both corners until it clicks into place.

  • Repeat this process for the next module.


Make sure to reconnect any cables you may have unplugged to access the memory and proceed to reinstall the side panel and close up your i180 system.



If anybody has questions regarding the upgrade process. Please contact myself or our customer service team.


-Corsair CJ




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