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570x Crystal black question


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Hi all,


I'm just wanting to pick someones brains on this issue or if this is normal. I recently migrated my system from my old 750D(2013) into the corsair crystal 570x black (not mirror) and following Zotty's diagrams here without using the led strips i've wired mine up like this.


I'm using 5x Sp120's (not 6) with a h100 pro wired into the commander pro usb header




Now, I've followed the above advice and noticed that the front corsair logo and top io doesn't light up but the PSU shroud does. Is this because i have not connected the SP controller into the RGB fan led hub on the spare slot or is this not safe to do so? as it's currently disconnected while i confirm you can actually do this.


This maybe a "noob" question but i would rather ask than fry the led's since the RGb connectors are new to me over using my old commander pro for just fans in my old rig.


Zotty - i can't thank you enough for producing the above guide with these wiring diagrams. i've watched countless videos on youtube but found these more helpful than any resource i've found elsewhere. Oh and a further thank you for your advice in another thread regarding the fan setup being front and top as intakes with a single exhaust the case is so quite and i'm yet to see temps go above 50 under heavy load.


Many thanks


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I forgot to add that i've checked the polarity on the pins to the board and switched them around with no change either of the io or corsair sail lighting up. i've also checked the cabling from the front sail led to the psu shroud and nothing seems disconnected.
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Well after upgrading from my old motherboard to a 2700x with a crosshair hero the corsair logo lights up and so does the top buttons while using the commander so i guess the pins on the old board were just borked since switching polarity didnt make any difference.


I have to say i love this case with all of its rgb i've added. i used a h115i pro in the front and the current mounting position i found was the best to fit all screws into the rad itself. i could move it if theres a valid reason to do so. it really has become a "show peice" in the room and at night and i wont need to use room lighting so im saving the enviroment :laughing:(not)





Many thanks to Zotty for the advice on connections with the rgb fans with his guides regarding the commander setup it worked like a charm.


- Vex

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